What is Angular?

AngularJS is a client side JavaScript MVC framework to develop a dynamicweb application. AngularJS was originally started as a project in Google butnow, it is open source framework.

AngularJS is entirely based on HTML and JavaScript, so there is no need tolearn another syntax or language.

AngularJS changes static HTML to dynamic HTML. It extends the ability ofHTML by adding built-in attributes and components and also provides anability to create custom attributes using simple JavaScript.

Key Features of React:-

●Allows you to use 3rd party libraries


●Simplicity and Composable

●Fully supported by Facebook.

●Better user experience and very fast performance.

●Faster Development

●Code Stability with One-directional data binding

●React Components

Key Features of Angular

●Built-in support for AJAX, HTTP, and Observables

●Large community support

●Consistent with technology

●Typescript offers efficiency

●Cleaner and crisp Coding

●Enhanced support for error handling

●Seamless updates using Angular CLI

●Forms and validation

●Shadow DOM / local CSS

●UI and Business Logic Separation

When to Choose to React?

Stack Overflow Questions React vs. Angular.React native framework will be the ideal choice for your app in thebelow-given cases:-

●You need an app with multiple events.

●When your application development team has expertise in HTML, CSS,and JavaScript.

●You should use React when your requirement demands a personalizedapp solution.

●You want to create shareable components in your app project.

When to Choose Angular?

Popularity of React vs. Angular in Google Trends.Angular 5 is a framework that will be the ideal choice for your app in thebelow-given cases:-

●You want ready-to-use solutions and want higher productivity.

●When you want a large scale feature-rich application

●When the development team has experience with Java, C#, andprevious versions of Angular

●App complexity remains Low to Medium level.

History of React JS

●React was created by Jordan Walke in 2011 and Open sourced it inMay 2013

●Facebook and Instagram released React 16.0 on September 2017

●The latest version React Fiber was released with React 16 inSeptember 2017. React Fiber is an ongoing implementation of Reac’tsCore Algorithm.

History of Angular

●AngularJS was released in 2010 by Google.

●2.0 version which also called Angular 2 or just Angular was released inSeptember 2016

●4.0 version was released in March 2017

●5.0 version was released in Nov 2017

React vs. Angular: The Complete Comparison

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Advantages of React

Here, are pros/benefits of using React:

●Easy to learn because of its simple Design

●The HTML-like syntax for which allows templating, and highly detaileddocumentation.

●Developers can spend more time writing modern JavaScript, and lesstime worrying about the framework-specific code.

●Enhance support for server-side rendering, making it a robustframework for content-focused applications.

●Migrating between versions is in React.

●Facebook offers “codemod” feature to automate much of the process.

●Skills learned in React can be applied to Native development.

●When you combine with ES6/7, ReactJS is perfect for managing heavyloads with relative ease

Advantages of Angular

Here, are pros/benefits of using Angular:

●Open source JavaScript MVC framework.

●Supported by Google

●No need to learn another scripting language. It’s just pure JavaScriptand HTML.

●Supports separation of concerns by using MVC design pattern.

●Built-in attributes (directives) makes HTML dynamic.

●Easy to extend and customize.

●Supports Single Page Application.

●Uses Dependency Injection.

●Easy to Unit test.

●REST friendly.

Disadvantages of React

Here, are cons/problems of using React:

●Integrating Reacts in the traditional MVC framework like Rail requirescomplex configuration.

●ReactJS would require the users to have in-depth knowledge withrespect to the integration of user interface into M VC framework.

Disadvantages of Angular

Here, are cons/problems of using Angular:

●An angular feature can be confusing for newcomers.

●There is no clear manual and extensive, all-inclusive documentation.

●Steep learning curve

●Scopes are hard to debug Limited Routing.

●Angular some time becomes slow with pages embedding interactiveelements.

●Third party integration is very difficult.

●While switching from the older versions to the newer ones, you mayface several issues.

Which is Better?

Both React and AngularJS are great options with respect to single pageapplications. However, both of them are also entirely different instruments.There might be statements like React is better than Angular or also viceversa.

Whatever may be your perception of the discussion about React Vs.AngularJS, you need to make choices based on your, requirement offunctionality and usability.


●AngularJS is a structural framework for developing dynamic web apps,whereas React is a javascript library that allows you to build UIcomponents.

●Angular JS is based on MVC (Model View Controller) whereas React isbased on Virtual DOM.

●Angular is based on Typescript and React is based on Javascript.

●AngularJS doesn’t provide adding javascript library to the source codewhile React allows adding javascript library to the source code.

●AngularJS provides testing and debugging for a complete project with asingle tool whereas React requires a set of tools to perform differenttypes of testing.


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