Internet Of Things (IOT) is the faster growing sector in the testing world and IOT is Web of Physical objects or Things embedded with Electronics, Software, Sensors and Network connectivity which enable these objects to collect and exchange data. Bluetooth, WiFi, Z-Wave and RFID(Radio Frequency Identification Code) technologies used in IOT.

Ex: Driverless car, Smarts home, Smart Medical devices and etc.

Testing those type of IOT devices are called IOT Testing. In These days Internet Of Things (IOT) Testing is latest technology in Software testing world because of huge demand of access, create, use and share data from these IOT device. When QA engineers testing internet of things more than finding bugs they need to prevent them from occurring and they need to influence both development and operational process.

Type of IOT Testing

  • Usability Testing
  • Compatibility Testing
  • Connectivity Testing
  • Security Testing
  • Performance Testing
  • Pilot Testing
  • Functionality Testing
  • Data Integrity Testing

∞ Usability Testing

In this ensure that the end user will get an easy to use and intuitive software, where all graphic elements are on their places and visually attractive. All devices connected in the network are always available and performing well.

∞ Compatibility Testing

Using Compatibility testing we can protect IOT software from vulnerabilities and system failures. Multiple operating system versions, browser types, browser versions, generations of devices and communication modes are some testing item using for the Compatibility testing.

∞ Connectivity Testing

Check the behavior of the system during offline period. And also tester mainly consider the seamless connectivity because when sharing data among several devices it’s necessary to have continuous connectivity between those devices. When testing connectivity tester faces some challengers. They are Signaling, Presence detection, Power consumption and Bandwidth.

∞ Security Testing

Using security testing we check Devices Updates, Setting Configuration and data is protected when getting transferred from one device to the others. Because there are more possibilities for Cyber attacks on the Network layer. And also can be more threats with Financial data other side devices also can be stolen. As example of security testing if we consider User Interface, it’s necessary to Set Password protection in ON mode.

∞ Performance Testing

Check the system performance as the same even though the added data is propagated. This type of testing is complicated and consists of several series of checks to ensure High speed, Stability and scalability of an application.

∞ Pilot Testing

Pilot testing is one of most important testing processes in IOT implementation. During pilot testing the system is exposed to a limited number of users in the real field and they use the application and give feedbacks on the system.

∞ Functionality Testing

Using Functional testing we can test the Capacity, Security and Reliability of the data storage, Error handling and Valid calculation. Also test the Access control because IOT devices need to be authorized when those Devices accessing in to the network.

∞ Data Integrity Testing

It’s important test the data integrity in IOT devices because those devices involves large amount of data and its application. And also the devices interact with each other and exchange data, because of this exchange data need to test.

IOT Testing Tools

  • Software Tools :

∞ Wireshark – Used for check the traffic in the interface and this tool is Open source application.

∞ TCPDUMP – It allows the user to display TCP/IP and other packets being transmitted or received over a network and run in command line.

o Hardware Tools :

∞ JTAG Dongle – Allows debugging code of target platform and show variable step by step.

∞ Digital Storage Oscilloscope – Check signal integrity, Power supply glitches, Timing of various event and etc.

∞ Software Defined Radio – Used to emulate receiver and transmitter for any wireless standard.

∞ Logic Analyzer – Decode data on bus and check sequence of events.

∞ Spectrum Analyzer – Check air interface activity, spurious signals and etc.

Benefits of IOT Testing

  • Best User Experience
  • Better business future
  • Faster time to market

Challenges face in IOT Testing

  • Quality of Hardware and Devices
  • Real time data testing
  • Expensive to replicate the QA environment
  • Lack of resources
  • Sensor quality and accuracy
  • Power Problem
  • Connectivity issues
  • Security Issues
  • Complexity of Scenarios
  • Difficult accessibility


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